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28 May 2013 @ 02:20 am
Nothing Else Matters  
Title: Nothing Else Matters
Pairing: KyuMin; ninja!EunHae
Rating: PG - 13
Genre: romance, fluff, crack
Warning/s: yaoi, language, mentions of sex
Verse: expanded
Type/Status: One-shot; Complete, 2,035W
Summary: The real reel story behind Kyuhyun and Sungmin's injuries.

"What the fuck are you laughing at?" Kyuhyun snarled at the bouncy person who was currently disturbing his peaceful sleep... which wasn't really that peaceful, considering they're riding a car at the moment. He was surprised to see that the other members were still sleeping soundly around him, not the least bit disturbed by the noise Sungmin was making.

"Oh, nothing. Just," the one addressed couldn't even finish his sentence before he started guffawing again, covering his mouth with his hands like he always did to muffle the sounds of his giggles.

On any other occasion, Kyuhyun would have thought of those tiny peals of laughter as endearing. He had always loved the other's voice, that's for sure. Now, though, wasn't just any other day. Kyuhyun couldn't help the frustration building up in his system as his lover continued to laugh, even slapping the car's leather seats in his amusement.

"Stop it, Min. I'm serious. That was't funny at all," Kyuhyun said in a stoic manner, the pain in his neck fueling the heat creeping into his veins all the more.

"Okay - okay! I'll stop now," Sungmin bit his lips to stifle the fresh batch of giggles that was about to erupt from his mouth, taking a deep breath to calm himself before patting Kyuhyun's head with an almost straight face. Almost.

"Ouch. Not too hard," Kyuhyun slapped Sungmin's hand away, scowling at the other's carelessness which made his neck hurt more.

All signs of mockery left Sungmin's face as he registered the look of pain on Kyuhyun's visage. "Oh, sorry Kyu. Does it really hurt that bad?" He asked as he lightly brushed his fingers on the younger's nape, not missing the way Kyuhyun seemed to tense up at the touch, the hair there standing on end.

"I - I'm fine. Just, not too hard," Kyuhyun basically mewled, a breathless whimper punctuating his sentence as Sungmin trailed his finger to his earlobe - a sensitive spot.

"Really? But last night, you wanted it... um, harder?" Sungmin whispered into Kyuhyun's ear as his fingers returned to their position on Kyuhyun's nape, rubbing soothing circles thereat while his breath sent tingles on Kyuhyun's spine.

All he got in return was a breathless sigh as Kyuhyun shut his eyes at the memory of the steamy night prior. It was the very same reason for his pain right now but he couldn't really say it wasn't worth it. Besides, the pain made it all the more hot. Kyuhyun briefly debated with himself on whether he had an inner masochist in him when he registered Sungmin's tongue darting out to lick at his ear. This snapped him out of his reverie and his reflexes caused him to snap his head to the side. Bad idea.

"Ow - ow - fuck. It fucking hurts! Fuck you, Min. Fuck you very much," Kyuhyun was close to tears, both from the physical pain and the frustration as he eyed Sungmin who was clapping like a seal in hysterical laughter. Kyuhyun wouldn't be surprised if Sungmin was a sadist himself. Oh, what a perfect match they truly are, what gives?

"You should've seen the look on your face, Kyu! I've never seen anything so hilarious in my life!" Sungmin continued his fit, his cap even falling from his head in his giddiness.

"I hate you, Min. What kind of boyfriend finds his lover's suffering a joy?" Kyuhyun attempted at a pout, and failed miserably.

"Sheesh. Stop that Kyu. I'm in charge of aegyo for a reason. Stick to your naturally sulky image. Cute doesn't look good on you," Sungmin humored the younger, the ever present radiant smile adorning his face as he calmed down from his high.

Kyuhyun couldn't stay mad even if he wanted to. Sungmin had so much effect on him, it's not even funny. It's amusing how a single smile from the elder could make his day. He loved the man too much and he was not complaining one bit. Not when he sees those wrinkles form at the side of Sungmin's eyes as the latter smiles - that genuine smile that made his eyes sparkle, the one he had fallen in love with since day one, the smile that was especially reserved for no one else but him to see.

It has been too long since Kyuhyun saw Sungmin smile like that, what with their schedules being as hectic as ever. He was getting worried about Sungmin's health.The elder had even lesser time to sleep than the average Super Junior member due to his upcoming musical on top of their group activities. He had been doing what he can to cheer the other up but he himself was stressed as it is. The only time he even got to spend with Sungmin nowadays was in the car on their way to tapings. And in the rare instance that they had some time off, they slept.

Kyuhyun had been afraid that he wouldn't get to see that smile ever again. Now that he does, he felt relieved that somehow, the Sungmin he had fallen in love with, the Sungmin he loves, was still there somewhere. And Kyuhyun thinks, if he had to hurt his neck every so often just to make Sungmin happy like that, he'd be happy to indulge the elder at the expense of his health. Even Kyuhyun was awed as he realized that he meant it with his whole heart.

"Holy shit, Kyu. You're looking at me like that again. This is why I receive hate mail. Darn you!" Sungmin tapped his finger on Kyuhyun's cheek, being careful so as not to put additional strain on the younger's neck.

"What?" Kyuhyun said in a daze, confused as to what Sungmin was driving at.

"That look. Like that. I... I know this would be a weird comparison but you look at me like how you would look at a newly released Starcraft CD." Sungmin patiently explained, shaking his head as Kyuhyun still hadn't caught on.

"And that's bad because?" Kyuhyun asked confusedly. God knows how much he loved Starcraft. Sungmin should be honored if that's the case, then.

"It's not. I appreciate it, Kyu. I really do. It makes me feel like I'm special." Sungmin smiled as he brushed Kyuhyun's bangs off his forehead.

"But you are special," Kyuhyun said earnestly, his own hands going up to clasp Sungmin's hand in his, starting to smile himself as he realized how perfectly their hands fit together.

"Gosh, how can you be so cheesy?" Sungmin spat without any real venom, a faint blush creeping up to his cheeks as Kyuhyun brought his hand to his lips and planted a chaste kiss there - a random act of chivalry Sungmin couldn't help but indulge. After all, it's not everyday that the almighty Cho Kyuhyun expressed his feelings. His smile never left his face as he continued: "You just have to tone it down. Reserve it for when we're alone in our bedroom or something. The fangirls are catching on and you know that would be a problem for the both of us."

"Why can't we just tell them, Min? Wasn't it just last week when that director and his boyfriend came out clean to the public?" Kyuhyun murmured with his head bowed, eyes trained on his hands still clasped together with that of his lover.

"You know it's not that easy, Kyu. We're idols. It's different," Sungmin cooed as he gave Kyuhyun's hand a little squeeze.

"But..." Kyuhyun tried once more, but Sungmin cut him before he could continue.

"In time, Kyu. I promise, we'll let them know in time. For now, let's just keep it to ourselves. Know that I love you so much. I don't need the whole world to know about us. All I need to know is that you love me as much as I do you," Sungmin said softly with a hint of desperation underlying his tone and it gave Kyuhyun the impression of finality. He knew that nothing was going to be said about the matter anymore and he bit his tongue before he could say: "I love you more," because really, he did.

The atmosphere was still somber even when their manager announced that they'll be arriving in fifteen minutes and the other members started to stir from their slumber. Kyuhyun found himself still staring at their intertwined hands and he realized that Sungmin was indeed right. As long as he has Sungmin, everybody else do not matter. Who cares if they know or not? Only Sungmin's feelings should matter, and if Sungmin says he loves him, it should be good enough for him. After all, what use is there announcing to the world one's love for another when he does not follow it up with actions? At least Kyuhyun knows that Sungmin genuinely cares for him. The world doesn't know, but he does. And for Kyuhyun, that is more than enough.

With a renewed perspective, Kyuhyun gripped Sungmin's hand tighter in his, a ghost of a smile starting to form on his face and Sungmin lets out a relieved sigh, knowing he's been forgiven. Not that Kyuhyun was angry in the first place. Just a little upset, that's all.

Sungmin immediately edged in closer to Kyuhyun and pillowed his head on the younger's shoulder, Kyuhyun following suit and leaning his head on the elder's as well. Donghae made a sound of indignance from somewhere at the back and Eunhyuk was complaining about how much of a sap both of them are becoming but Kyuhyun and Sungmin were having none of it. It became a silent agreement between the two of them to not mind what others may think of their relationship as long as they get to be in each other's arms. It's not like Eunhyuk and Donghae were any better anyway. At least, the both of them kept their intimacy to themselves unlike the other two who couldn't even keep their hands off each other even on stage.

Soon, they started slowing down at the curb of the studio where the event will be held. Kyuhyun was at Sungmin's tail, wanting to help the elder go out of the van safely with his injury but he was held back by Sungmin's glare.

"What did I tell you about things that should be kept in the bedroom, Kyu? Or do you want me to tell them about last night?" Sungmin snapped in a hushed tone, earning a grimace from Eunhyuk who was able to hear - the monkey cursing under his breath as he chanted "TMITMITMI!"

"I - Okay. Fine." Kyuhyun shivered at the thought of his little secret being divulged. "But be careful, Min." Kyuhyun conceded, still worried about his boyfriend's well-being.



"Are you sure about this Kyu?"

"Yeah. I saw this on that new website. It's guaranteed to shoot pleasure to its maximum level."

"It's a little risky, don't you think?"

"What's life without risks? Live a little, Min. Relax. Besides, I trust in you and your flexibility."

"Kyu, I'm not young anymore, you know that."

"Oh I sure do. But I of all people should know too what you and your body is capable of. You know what I'm saying?"

"You pervy brat!"

"Only for you, pumpkin. So, let's start?"

"Okay. I'll try. But if we break our bones from this, it's all your fault. I'm gonna announce to the whole world how much of a sick pervert you are, trying out acrobatic stunts like this in bed."

"Jeez, Min. Relax. We'll work this out. Come on, I'll catch your legs in one... two... OUUUCHHHH!"

"Cho Kyuhyun!!!"


Kyuhyun was about to take Sungmin's arm in his as soon as they stepped out of the van, recoiling in terror as he heard some fan ask Sungmin about his injury.

"Sungmin oppa, what happened to your foot?"

"Oh. This? I got injured while playing skateboard. Don't worry about it," Sungmin replied without batting an eyelash, the lie easily supported by Donghae carrying his skateboard in one hand.

"Smooth," was all Kyuhyun could think of. Still, it wouldn't hurt to follow Sungmin around, right?


P.S. This was supposed to be a freakin' drabble like SRSLY WTF happened OTL forgive me my writing skills are rusty and this is unbeta'd soooo... ICANNOTENGLISHANYMOREHUHU
P.S.S. Random snippets placed here and there - info gathered from tweets I read and posts on Tumb1r. Sorry I can't remember which is which. Mostly my imagination though =.=
P.S.S. Kyuhyun was being such a clingy boyfriend trailing after Minnie like that asdfjkl and I love his peach/striped shirt like ;AAA; (OTL SORRY I MISSED SPAZZING TOO MUCH) ~ It's been almost a year since I've spazzed and I miss it like you would not believe. Even making macros last night made me giddy like hell. Okay, I'll stop naoooo. ^O^
P.S.S.S. Soooo. Who's going to SS5 Manila? I'm 75% going as of now. I just hope the date doesn't fall on Midterms week (OH GOD PLEASE NO) ~ Please announce the date already so I could book a flight and know how much to save and just... let me see my oppas already!/CRIES UGLY TEARS/
P.S.S.S.S. Oh yeah, speaking of SS5, I'm selling some of my SJ stuff to help save money for the concert. Help a fellow fangirl out, yeah? Check the items I'm selling HERE ^^
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ailaling1017ailaling1017 on May 29th, 2013 03:01 pm (UTC)
I already told you what I felt about your somment in Twitter so asdfjkl;;;

Hahahaha see you, hopefully! Text me the details if may mga activities please! =)

Thanks for reading Alex!^^